About me

My name is Kamil Grzybek and I am developer, architect and team leader at ITSG Global in Warsaw. I have over 10 years of experience in programming and designing enterprise software solutions in .NET Framework.

I focus mainly on backend development – design, integration and architectural patterns, DDD approach, improving software engineering process and code quality, automation. I focus on software analysis and team leadership as well. Mainly these topics I cover on this site.

One of the most important question during creating software is WHY? So WHY I lead this blog?

  1. I would like to share my experience and knowledge with other people with similar problems and interests in software development.
  2. It is perfect tool to remember and recall some topics.
  3. It is good motivation to learn more.
  4. I would like exchange views with practitioners.
  5. For fun!

Privately I have lovely wife Natalia, sweet daughter Lena and crazy dog Chili. Beyond software engineering I am passionate about personal development and amateur running.